Off Grid Christianity

Off Grid Christianity is a podcast for Christians who feel disconnected from Church…whether they attend one or not! The programme is hosted by Martin Purnell, former ‘Drivetime’ presenter on the UK’s first FM Christian Radio station, ‘Cross Rhythms City’, in Stoke-on-Trent. Martin also pioneered the legendary lunchtime discussion programme ‘The Soapbox’ on national Christian radio station ‘UCB’. (Basically, Martin was broadcasting across the UK and Ireland on Medium Wave when the term ‘DAB’ was only used in relation to marking up your bingo card!)

In recent years, Martin has taken a step back from direct involvement in broadcasting to focus on family life in his adopted home of Northern Ireland. However, throughout that time, the concept behind OGC has been developing on the ‘back burner’ and we’re excited to bring that to fruition, through this regular podcast.

Off Grid Christianity – Episode 8 – Martin Scott

Martin discusses what it was like as a Christian when his first wife, Sue, passed away. He also shares his thoughts on the house church movement and what a prophetic theologian is. Martin explains why church leaders should be up front and honest about their own lives.

Off Grid Christianity – Episode 7 – Noel Richards

Singer/Songwriter Noel discusses how July’s This Is The Day Worship Event came about from an Hungarian flag made from Napkins. It was waved at Wembley Stadium during Champion Of The World in 1997! Noel discusses what Church means to him and spending time with Rev Counter and The Speedos.

Off Grid Christianity – Episode 5 – Frog Orr Ewing

Frog joins me to discuss how he felt led as a vicar to leave a London parish and start a modern day Minster in the countryside. Frog also gives a brief potted history of early Christianity in the UK. With a love of conservation, his vision of Latimer Minster has become a reality.

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