The Evening Show This Weekend 2nd-5th March 2018

The Weekend Evening Show kicks off tonight at 6pm with Steve Perry and this week’s Word On Health focuses on Dyslexia at 6:30pm. Track of the Week features the former SleeperCell and Dive Bella Dive frontman Barns Courtney from 7:30pm. Sony covers stories on US Ratings Body ESRB, Crytek’s CEO Resignation and Nintendo controversially pulling Switch console reviews. 

Trace hasn’t been able to make it in with the snow and so from 9pm there is another chance to hear her programme from a couple of weeks ago. including the 432 Zone and Charity News update with Steve. Plus the last chance to hear the Feb installment of Punk and Hardcore show Altern8 show tonight from 11pm.

It all kicks off tonight from 6pm, repeated Saturday to Monday on Access!


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