Film Review: Iron Man 3 (12)

The third instalment in the Iron Man saga takes a darker turn. Tony Stark/Iron Man is now suffering from systems of post traumatic stress disorder, caused from his battle at the end of The Avengers movie. Added to this he faces a new villain in the form of The Mandarin a terrorist hell bent on …

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From Russia With Love

Our Managing Director, Steve Perry went by invitation from international broadcast group HCJB, to their National Russian Conference. Broadcasters from the whole country came to meet for training and networking. Steve delivered seminars on internet radio and spent time advising the various groups attending. Here he is with his translator Tim Markevich during some “time off”, …

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Leigh Preece

When not in a studio Leigh works as an academic technician but has lots of experience in community and commercial radio including roles at Moorlands Radio, Six Towns, and Focal.

Tracey Taylor

Tracey is our volunteer who presents a light-hearted, family inclusive Friday evening show between 9-10pm, with more regular -but still light-hearted- radio between the hour of 10-11pm. If you don’t manage to catch her Friday night, then her show is repeated Saturday through to Monday evenings. Tracey has previously worked at Cross Rhythms Radio and as a freelance …

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Funny… KJ-52

Bill who? Yeah, perhaps not quite as contemporary as we’d like but this is such a funny video from KJ-52. Let us know what you think.

Creative… Florence + The Machine

Ace layered red hair! Love the Swan Lake parade to fits with the balletic moments in the song. Stunning visuals -oh, and look out for the rather cool watch on her wrist (advertising I’m sure!) In short, wonderfully directed, wonderfully creative.

Thoughtful… Josh Kumra

The stand-out feature in this video, is how he is seemingly balancing the camera on his head at a number of points throughout.. Gives an interesting perspective!

Mind-scape… Of Monsters And Men

Flying ships, meterorites… wow! Another incredibly creative, imaginative and some very-strange-visuals number! Probably some deep and meaningfuls in there…

Ahhh… Alastair Griffin

Sweet -is all that can be said about this video, as it follows the day-in-the-life of a little school boy. Crushes, dreams and finding out who he is meant to be..

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